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     Here at C-TEQ, every project starts off with a kickoff meeting. We establish clear objectives through a creative process that considers the best way to make the very most of our end product.  As Steve, our CEO, believes, this is an opportunity for us to gauge and control how we collect and process data.  It’s an opportunity for us not only to satisfy our customers, but also to impress them. All of these early decisions have a significant impact on the rest of our process downstream.

     This is our kickoff post to a blog that we hope will illuminate you on who we are and what we do. This blog is intended to keep you in the loop about it all.  Let’s start with how it all began…

     Recently, we had a company retreat at a cabin in northern Minnesota on a lake shared by the Boy Scouts.  At camp, the Boy Scouts learn how to build a fire from scratch, from a small amount of materials and a single match.  They carefully watch it, nurture it,  and slowly add more fuel, so as not to smother the fire.  It takes precision, discipline, and knowledge to be successful in this endeavor.  The momentous occasion comes when the spark is ignited: from one little match comes the ignition for a bigger fire that could be used for heat, for sustenance, or for light.  The beginning is crucial as a foundation for the growth of the fire.

     The spark for starting C-TEQ was ignited by an idea that Steve and Ben (co-founders of C-TEQ) had at the very same lake that the Boy Scouts learned how to build a sustainable fire.  The idea, the spark,  was simple: that they could put together a better system for data consulting, one that was truly designed around accommodating their clients in a very personalized manner.

     They started off small, with a tiny budget and a few people.  Among all the members at the beginning, there was a combined 75 years of background in the industry.  They had a lot of horsepower and potential in terms of technological creativity and experience.  

      The product that resulted was to be something that was built off of good planning, approaching problems with a comprehensive mindset and never forgetting how it all started.  Steve knew that they could create something that would produce outstanding results consistently if done right.  In order to keep the fire going to function like they had envisioned, it needed to be fed – with the right kind of fuel at the right time.

      C-TEQ has grown into a company with the most dedicated team producing the best possible results for each and every project, big or small.  The solutions are customized, because no two projects are the same.   The C-TEQ team has been growing consistently, with members that have varying backgrounds and experience.  The one thing they have in common is that they are all fully vested in C-TEQ beliefs – being Trusted Consultants that strive for Excellence and Quality.  As a result, a recent member to the C-TEQ client list said, “You’ve restored my faith in local service providers.”  This is what we are here for; this is what keeps us going.

We hope you have enjoyed installment one of the blog… check back again with us to see more about our journey.