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The C-TEQ Way

Our founder and CEO Steve Hartwig has been in the litigation support business for 28 years. He created C-TEQ because he wanted to give customers what they want and to do it in an efficient manner.  That means being able to control both cost and time.
A few key components that help make that happen are a team of seasoned professionals who have been in the industry for a long time.  We’ll talk about a couple of those in a minute. Taking the time to understand a client’s specific needs is another.  Each project we encounter is a unique problem that deserves a unique solution.  We believe you can’t arrive at the best solution unless you have a good understanding of what you’re dealing with.  We’ve all been in enough discussions where the person we’re relying on is only capable of canned answers.  
At C-TEQ, we are dedicated to understanding the client’s needs and tailoring both the process and solution to each individual project. The members of the C-TEQ team are in agreement around the concept of using the best resources to produce efficient and useful results.  Some of us have spent years on the client side, so we have the end-user perspective as well.  We try to put ourselves in the shoes of the client and come up with simple and sometimes creative answers.
Our team is in constant communication with each other about what the best results would look like in the first place. As Royce Rock, project manager at C-TEQ, states, “The reason that C-TEQ is a small company is because we’re careful about selecting the right people who are passionate about finding the best, most efficient solution to a problem.”
A core value for C-TEQ is our reliance on standardized processes.  We’ve seen others in the industry shoot from the hip, cut and paste, and throw things together without much thought to organization or the process.  Our SOPs go well beyond the  basics. Everything that we do is wrapped around a pre-defined process.  This culture requires an understanding of what tools are necessary to build the right result, and that is what the members of C-TEQ are dedicated to.  This is where teamwork and communication intersect to create an environment where solid ideas are formulated and put into action – whether it’s a new script to combine or parse values in a data file or output metadata to a custom report.
In order to be a resourceful consultant, we need to know what our resources are. And this blog will take a further look at what those resources are.
Ben Daniel (Partner and Director of Operations) says our goal is to get ahead of the curve; to stand out from the rest of the crowd but implementing and utilizing cutting-edge technologies. We seek out the best-of-the-best when it comes to systems and strategic partners.  Ben and Steve know they can’t deliver a superior product unless they have a superior foundation to stand on.  We understand that our offering to our clients is only as strong as the weakest link.  We work hard to make sure all components of the C-TEQ team are compatible with one another and functioning at a high level.
Until next time . . .