About Us

We're not just another
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About Us

We want our clients to notice the C-TEQ difference

C-TEQ Data Consultants is built on the idea that people matter. No one is more important than the client, of course. However, in order to serve clients well, an organization needs to have the right people doing the right job. From the people who work under our own roof to our vendors and our strategic partners, we seek out and settle for nothing but the best. C-TEQ was started with a combination of talent that has a broad range of skills and a combined experience level of over 75 years in the litigation support industry. Many of those years have been spent working alongside each other. At C-TEQ, we work hard everyday to improve the things we do well, and to develop new skills for a continuously evolving market.

Technical ability is our cornerstone. A slick sales approach is not a priority of ours. We’re not going to pester our clients. We’re going to respect their time. It’s best if they know what we can do, when they need to call us, and let them reach out. That’s our perfect world.

Our values derive from honesty and integrity

We believe honesty and integrity are two of the most important values in business. Ours is an industry that demands individualized attention or customized solutions. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. We listen. We understand. We create solutions. Much like an artist will meet the needs of his clients, if building something new to get the job done is the only way, that’s what we’ll do.

Our integrity is directly tied to our technical ability. We analyze each problem as it comes up. Our solutions are based on function over form, with an obsession towards efficiency, both on our end and the user’s end. There’s strength in creating simple solutions from complex problems. Ask yourself: do people appreciate someone who talks over their head or someone who truly understands a problem and can break it down into simple terms? When it comes to creating a solution, it’s important to make something that fits the specific needs of the client – not too much and not too little.