Why do we do what we do?


We love what we do

 Why We Do ItAs we were making plans to open C-TEQ, we started with the question of why we want to do this. We wrote the answers into our business plan and have decided to make sure we don’t lose sight of why we’re doing what we’re doing. In fact, we knew that if we focused too much on the mechanics of what we’re doing and less on our passions for this work, we’d eventually lose track of the why.

Here’s why:

  1. SOPs: C-TEQ believes it operates on a strict set of policies and practices that guarantee predictable and consistent results. First of all, our job is to solve problems. We start by understanding each problem from the ground up: what do we have, where do we need to get to, and how can we add extra value along the way? In a sense, we try to engineer a system through the work of various individuals by giving them clear guidance on how to handle certain situations. Our goal is to identify variables at every level and to control them, so they don’t end up surprising us.

  2. Common Goals: We encourage our clients to operate with us on their own set of SOPs that will help them generate consistent results, as well. Together, through the common goal of putting standard practices together with sensible solutions, we can intelligently predict the outcome, both from a time and quality standpoint.

  3. Technical v. Marketing: Our foundation is technical talent. We’re not a bunch of slick salesmen in fancy suits delivering cookies, cupcakes and such. One of our mentors told us a long time ago: “If you’re going to do something technical, make sure you surround yourself with the best and the brightest people you can find.” We believe by investing more in our people and the technology we use, we’re in a better position to grow over the long-term.

  4. The Bigger Picture: We believe business is not just about making lots of money and certainly not about a few making the most money possible. We believe success in business comes from a balanced approach to life, where employees feel fulfilled at work and at home; where solid partnerships are created with our clients that are based on things like honesty and trust; where our co-workers come in every day excited to make a difference; and, where we take a measure of our time and resources and give back to those who are less fortunate. Our mission is based on the belief that business should not be about the goals of one person, one partnerhip or even one company. It’s about coming together in partnerships across the board to help support, encourage and create means by which we can all learn to live better, more fulfilled lives.

  5. Customized Solutions: We take the approach that every problem is unique and deserves its own solution. While we like SOPs and Best Practices for implementation, when it comes to solving problems, we like to be nimble, adaptable and good listeners. We don’t expect our clients to adapt to a system that we’ve built. We build a system around each problem that needs a customized solution.