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How to Run with Giving

by C-TEQ


Many of us want to get involved in charity or giving, but often get stymied by the mechanics of getting engaged.  How do we make it happen?  What organization do we want to support?  How do we know it will be a good fit?  How much time and investment are we going to make just to create the engagement?  Do we really have time for this? Squirrel! The following is a series of posts that are intended to help provide some guidelines and encouragement that says:  it’s not hard, and the time you do spend is well worth it.

Take a look at what we’ve done at CTEQ in terms of giving and we’ll lay out a set of easy-to-follow steps that will help you execute efficiently and, hopefully not get stuck along the way.  One of the keys to getting engaged is simply to make the commitment that says,” Yes, I want to do something.  I want to play my part in making a difference.”

When we organized as a company, we decided from the Business Plan stage that one of our core tenants was getting involved with charities and charitable giving right from the get-go.  Since the commitment was built into our business plan, we created our own incentive to follow-through.  We wondered if we failed in this endeavor, would we fail at everything else.

Choosing organizations that match some of your values is important.  A couple of things that were crucial to us included:  1) Organizations that had low overhead; 2) Groups that promoted empowerment of individuals and focused on improving lives and not just taking care of needs; 3) Non-profits where it was easy for us to get involved and participate in a hands-on way if we chose.

World Vision is one of those charities we sponsor.  They’re a global organization that’s been operating for over 65 years.  84% of their dollars go to their programs; 6 % to administration and 10% to fundraising.  WV has been constantly on the move since their start.  They are no longer engaged in the places they were helping in the mid-70’s because their work actually helps improve lives.  Once they’ve reached their goals in an area, they move on.  CTEQ has been involved by sponsoring children in Africa, sponsoring clean water programs in places like Zambia and Haiti, and participating in marathons where the impact really gets exciting. (READ MORE)