Our Partners

Our partners – best-in-breed


Ipro: For the past 25 years, Ipro has been an industry leader in litigation support software, from eDiscovery and hard copy processing tools to an enterprise platform that integrates ECA, Review, and Production.

Founded in 1989, Ipro is a global leader in the development of advanced software solutions used by legal professionals to streamline the discovery process. Ipro’s worldwide network of corporations, law firms, government agencies, and legal service providers rely on Ipro’s Enterprise platform to organize, review, process, and produce litigation data of vast sizes and complexity levels more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before. Ipro is well-known in the market for eCapture – one of the most dependable and trusted ESI processing engines around. Its ECA and Review software boasts a complement of features that rivals the best in the industry. Ipro is changing the eDiscovery landscape by focusing on simplicity, software development that pays attention to its customers’ needs, and a price point that might surprise you.

Mission: As an industry pioneer, Ipro has seen first-hand the dramatic changes in the electronic discovery and litigation management landscape, but our mission statement has remained the same: To Put Our Clients In A Position To Win. Whether that client is a small law firm working on their first eDiscovery request or a large corporation using digital fingerprinting to save hundreds of thousands of dollars on dozens of annual litigation requests, we make sure that each Ipro client has access to the technology and support they need to win whatever it is they’re after.


Catalyst: Catalyst was one of the first developers to introduce a web-based platform to the review side of discovery. Over the years, they’ve shown a commitment to re-design and improve their technology to fit the needs of this ever-changing market.

A pioneer in cloud-based litigation technology, Catalyst provides global corporations and their counsel with secure, hosted document repositories to manage discovery, regulatory inquiries and other complex legal matters. Clients use Insight, Catalyst’s “Big Discovery” platform, and Insight Predict, their advanced technology-assisted review engine, to reduce discovery costs and associated risks. Corporations gain greater control and predictability over the discovery process and greater visibility across all their legal matters.


BIA and Total Discovery: BIA has long been recognized as a leader in forensic collections. They were first to market with a remote collection tool that employs their tried and tested technology. BIA’s TotalDiscovery deploys simply, saves costs and uses many modern features to simplify the collection process.

For more than a decade, BIA has been developing and implementing defensible, technology driven software solutions complemented by mature professional services that reduce the costs and risks related to litigation, regulatory compliance and internal investigations and audits. BIA’s TotalDiscovery is the first online eDiscovery solution that integrates the entire process from legal hold to data collections, analysis and review. With no software to install or hardware to deploy, the powerful enterprise-class features and expert workflows in TotalDiscovery can be utilized on demand to easily and defensibly collect data from employees and resources around the globe and quickly deliver relevant documents to the review platform of your choice. TotalDiscovery is the future of simple, accurate, defensible and cost predictable eDiscovery and legal data compliance. Their Total Discovery tool offers services from Legal Hold, online Custodian Questionnaire, Data Profiling, Preservation to Collection, Data Culling and Review.


Kensium: Long recognized for their superior quality in coding, foreign language support and other services, Kensium complements our model by providing consistent, predictable results every time.

Kensium is a Chicago-based organization with more than 500 employees spread across three different cities in India, providing various services such as litigation coding, data entry, foreign language coding/OCR, remote coding, machine translation, redactions, near dupe processing, Excel Formatting, Hyperlinking, EDD remote processing/EDD QC, Relativity after hours Project Management, etc.

Kensium is a key partner for us, especially with their 24 X 7 X 365 operations and guaranteed 30-minute SLA for any queries from our valued clients. Kensium’s offshore offices are ISO 9001 and 27001 certified as well as HIPAA compliant with multiple sites supporting full Disaster Recovery. Finally, Kensium’s IT services division has also helped our customers with custom scripts and solutions for specialized project needs.

Oasis Discovery

Oasis Discovery: Known for their excellent support and offering of Relativity, Oasis Discovery is one of kCura’s premium partners.

Oasis provides a first-class hosting environment capable of supporting Web-based review, including Relativity. They guarantee 99.9% uptime, servers capable of supporting millions of documents and hundreds of reviewers, integration with large-scale production engines for tiffing, early case assessment options and a team of project managers who are able to train end-users, customize workflow and respond to client requests 24/7.

Oasis has full-time developers that are focused on finding creative solutions to problems associated with document review. Their goal is to continually improve the end-user experience: they have reduced the time it takes to load data into the system by integrating with the processing tool Nuix, made the production process more efficient through integrations with IPRO eCapture, and repurposed technology within Relativity to provide a top-notch Early Case Assessment tool.

Share A File

Share File: Known for its simple to use but robust interface with a highly secure backend, ShareFile allows C-TEQ and many of its clients to do what’s become a necessity: send large amounts of data over a wire and do it securely.

C-TEQ partners with and is a reseller for ShareFile – a secure, web-based FTP solution. What makes ShareFile a great tool is ease of use (a true point-and-click interface), a professional grade FTP solution with a variety of features where security permissions are easy to manage, full data encryption and automated notifications that save time and money – users know when data is ready for them to retrieve and admins can perform full reporting on site access. ShareFile offers desktop tools like an Outlook plugin and a widget for fast uploads and downloads, as well as mobile apps.