We guarantee consistent and predictable results


Experience that produces consistency while keeping costs under control

  • Simple innovative solutions
  • Full EDRM: From Collection to Production and everything (Processing, Review, Analysis) in between
  • Individual experience averaging at 20 years
  • Automated processes – courtesy of on-staff programmers
  • Full complement of Standard Operating Procedures that manage variables
  • Specifically engineered systems, customized to each client
  • Quality, speed, and value


Ipro’s eCapture is our primary eDiscovery engine. We’ve been trained and certified in eCapture since it was released. The flexibility of processing and output options are two reasons we’ve stuck with Ipro. Their commitment to product development, support and bug fixing have made us loyal to them. Scalability, robust functionality, and development of full-enterprise solution allows us to grow at whatever pace we need to.

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Paper Discovery

While these days, paper can be a boring topic to some, we still take it seriously. Our years of experience have given us insight into cost-effective and simple ways to build in key data points as we process paper. In short, our output will standout from what the other guys do in terms of searchability, value and quality.

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Computer Forensics

Forensics and collections are all about good preparation and planning. Our forensic team has been recognized as best-in-breed and has defended its work more than 200 times. Like everything we do, we align ourselves with the best in the business.

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Some of our clients are new to eDiscovery, while others have been around as long as we have. Their needs may be different, but the goal has something important in common: to ensure they are doing everything they can within the realm of industry-supported best practices. Our clients know us well enough to ask for our advice, whether it’s a casual request or a formal consulting assignment.

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