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Computer Forensics

There’s more than one way to collect data

Fully integrated with early case assessment tools and online eDiscovery management.

Identify documents quickly and effectively for eDiscovery Collections.

Automated quick downloads to standard platforms for attorney review.

Reduce data to manageable levels with proven technology and defensible processes.

C-TEQ Data Consultant’s forensic examiners collect data in the most defensible and forensically sound manner. We work closely with our clients to preserve the chain of custody in anticipation of litigation and to mitigate the risk of evidence loss. We have the tools and technology to collect anywhere, anytime.

Our team will collect data from multiple sources including laptops, desktops, network servers, cloud environments, cell phones, and much more. The scope of collection needed will be identified during consultation to make this process as smooth as possible.

Traditional Data Collection

Traditional Collection

On-premise collection of data:

  • Digital Forensic collection and Examination
  • Mobile Device Forensics (cell phones, PDAs, etc.)
  • Password Defeat/Recovery
  • Metadata analysis
  • Maintain a chain of custody
  • Defensible process and technology
  • Computer imaging and extraction
  • Data Culling
  • Free consultations and estimates

Remote Collection

Remote Collection

Over-the-Web Access:

  • Collect from virtually any data source
    • Social Media
    • Cloud-based
    • Enterprise environments
    • Roaming laptops
  • Targeted approach
  • Online Custodian questionnaires
  • Concurrent collections
  • Data Profiling
  • Legal Hold management
  • Robust reporting
  • Controlled costs