Big Data &

eDiscovery Consulting

Our experience translates to good advice when battling Big Data and eDiscovery


Our Consulting Team will help you develop procedures and protocols to manage your data proactively – from Discovery Readiness to Collection, Processing, Review and Production. We’ve helped numerous law firms and corporations refine or develop, from scratch, standard procedures that have lowered their error rate and improved the bottom line. Our knowledge and training in a variety of systems allows us to adapt to your needs. Training you to be more self-reliant is part of our model as well.

Process Improvement

C-TEQ can help your firm or company improve existing processes – or create new ones – to help simplify the management of your data. Our goal is to create systems that run on SOPs and that won’t bog you down with their implementation. Rather, they allow you to focus on the things you do best.

Automation & Validation

We believe C-TEQ couldn’t do its job well without automation and validation. The two go hand-in-hand, in our opinion. How can validation be good without automation? We pass the same approach and strategies on to our clients, knowing that controlling variables is at least half the battle in this business. We’ve yet to see anyone manufacture a machine that accounts for every possible scenario. Our validation process looks at the front-end, rather than expecting to find errors and fixing them on the back-end.

Managing Big Data

We collect, organize, and manage evidence with maximum efficiency and effectiveness

Managing and organizing the collection of different forms of electronic evidence from various sources from multiple locations at the same time can be challenging and risky. Even more challenging is ensuring the defensibility of this process. When handled properly, evidence collection can serve as the foundation for ensuring fast, accurate and cost-effective responses to eDiscovery requests.

  • C-TEQ offers strategic evidence collection services that are optimized for the discovery process.
  • C-TEQ offers the most flexible collection options to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.
  • Self-empowered collection, where C-TEQ trains and equips your IT staff.
  • Benefits of C-TEQ Evidence Collection Services: Our collections experts help you determine the best collection strategy up-front and are readily accessible to you and your team throughout the project. As part of our comprehensive services, we deliver:
    • The ability to collect a wide range of common and different file types from any number of data sources
    • Proven tools and techniques that efficiently enable collection of only what is necessary
    • Defensible and auditable processes that stand up in court
    • Absolute security and confidentiality for your evidence

Our Process

eDiscovery Process