eDiscovery with a big-picture plan

Early Data Analysis

We provide counsel with the analysis they need – helping them develop a thorough understanding of collected data, so that important decisions can be made with confidence. Our EDA process helps:
  • Relieve immense expenses that come with electronic data processing and document review by effectively using our Electronic Data analysis process.
  • Gain immediate insight into the nature and content of the data population.
  • Enable our clients to make informed discovery decisions.
  • Allow counsel to set filtering and culling rules to reduce the size of the data set before processing



With a detailed approach to electronic discovery processing, we focus and deliver on key tasks to include:
  • Native file processing, TIFF and native file production and text and metadata extraction
  • Filtering based on objective and subjective data
  • Support for virtually any file type – legacy, back up, non-standard email formats
  • De-duplication at the matter or custodian level
  • Foreign Language Identification and processing of documents in more than 100 different languages, with full Unicode compliance
  • Rigorous quality control protocols, including a combination of automated checks and human review, for a defensible audit trail at every stage in the processing and review process.


Hosting/Review Management

We provide clients and legal counsel with a secure online collaborative environment for legal review.
  • Secure, web-based access via Citrix
  • Multilingual search and display
  • Concept-based search and clustering
  • Tiff-on-the-fly capability
  • Full redaction, highlighting, and annotation
  • Robust reporting

Review Management


Accurate, on-time production of data in multiple formats

In our view, getting productions right is critical. It’s like doing surgery: you have one chance to get it right. This is where our habit of following SOPs is key. Starting with a clear and unequivocal spec, our routine adds multiple layers of quality control to ensure every production is spot on. We’ve gotten so proficient at them that many of our clients rely on us to QC productions they receive from adverse parties and act as their compliance officer. From small to large, or simple to complex, we’ve seen them all and done them all.

  • Native, Tiff, or mixed mode productions
  • Bates numbering and endorsements
  • Multiple parties – multiple output formats
  • Full support for redactions
  • Privilege Guard Protection

Production Content